Bringing Back Eyak!


The first Native language in Alaska to be declared extinct now has a new chance at life.    For the first time ever, the Eyak People  
~  dAXunhyuu  ~
have the learning materials and learning opportunities to make the Eyak Language and Culture thrive again. 

Choose Your Path

Do you want to learn a few words and phrases to use in your daily life?  Or, do you want to be able to carry on conversations with other Eyaks someday? The dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Place offers a huge assortment of multimedia tools, including stories and games, to  help you make Eyak a part of your life – in a way that has meaning for you and your family.

Set Your Own Pace

Over the next two years, comprehensive materials will be added to the dAXunhyuua eLearning Place that will help you meet your goals.  When you become a REGISTERED explorer you will be able to easily track the Journeys you've completed, go back and visit your favorite places and earn cyber BERRIES for all your hard work.  Every BERRY you collect gives you once more chance at winning FABULOUS Eyak Prizes!  Watch the website or look in your email inbox for more details about the next prize drawing.

The dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Place is open to all at no cost AwA’ahdah to many generous sponsors. You can read more about the eLearning Place, how it works and who helped create it at THE PROJECT link.

AwA’ahdah to all who helped finetune the BETA version of the eLearning Place.  Your comments, questions and suggestions are always wanted and welcome as we all work together to make this learning journey the best it can be!

To get started, head on over to the login portal to the right and check in as a first time visitor.  You'll have a chance to register once you've done some exploring.   You're about to discover the true treasures of dAXunhyuuga' - The Words of The People!