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Say it in Eyak!

February 6, 2014

You can surprise someone special this Valentine's Day by letting them know how you feel in Eyak. Among the new entries added this week is the phrase, ilah qe'xleh.  You've probably already figured out what that means.  Head to the dictionary and click on the L to look for LOVE in all the right places and hear how to say it. AwA'ahdah to Angela Reilly for her timely word request!

Speaking of the dictionary, some of the newest audio entries are from some of the newest speakers. To sample some of the great work by our first language modelers, check out Salmon (KING) to hear Dune Lankard, Sea Otter to hear Jenna May and Berry for Barbara Sappah. With a goal of adding 2400 entries in the next three years, there will be a lot of opportunities for Eyaks to add their voices to the dictionary.  Would you like to help? email eyakpeople@gmail.com to find out more about being a language model.

Eyaks are Making History!

January 1, 2014


2014 will be bringing a lot of exciting and ground-breaking changes for the Eyak People.  We’ve had the tragic distinction of being the first tribe in Alaska to have its language declared ‘extinct.’ Now, we have the opportunity to become known as the first tribe in Alaska to make its language live again.   We now have all the resources for this history-making effort:  a major grant from the Administration for Native Americans - the help of a lot of other partner organizations including the Eyak Preservation Council, The Eyak Corporation, the Alaska Native Languages Archive, and the National Geographic Genographic Fund - the talents of a dedicated academic and technical team - and most importantly - the commitment and vision of our community – dAXunhyuuthe Eyak People.

You’re already seeing some of the first changes here at eyakpeople.com which is being remodeled to make way for the new dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Program and Learner’s Dictionary. We’ve also ramped up our facebook page -  Eyak Language Revitalization DaXunhyuuga’ - to keep you up-to-date on all things Eyak.  And there is a lot coming up soon.  Here’s a quick overview so you can save some dates: