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Wallpaper AdiX daaX dAgAXts’g
Walrus sa’GAdAlah ts’Al
Warrior k’uch’a’ch’iya’
Washing machine idAkus mAshiinn
Water giyah
Watermelon Berry XAwaalAXAdee’Gi’giyah
Weasel e’lawah
Wednesday t'uhLga' yAsALqahL
Weep, to ~ [verb] kiinX
Whale qe’yiLteh
What is that? deedA’Aw
What is this? deedA'Al
What? deed
Whip wa’ts’L, uX k’udAwa’ts’
White xitl’ga’ iit’eh
Whitefish sa’ GAdAGAGshg
Who is that? duudA’anh
Who? duud
Wick GAdAshAxa’ch’
Wife (my~) (si) ’ehd
Wind k’uuy
Window AwaalAG
Wings (its~) (u) ch’AX
Winter XAlaag
Wolf Guujih
Wolverine kAna’s
Woman qe’L
Wood dAkinh
Woodpecker daaX iinLAxi’ts’g, lis dAGahehg
Work, to ~ [verb] dA-xaag-L
Worms XuhX, GALa’nik’L