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Table shduulihG, udaaq’Ach’ahd k’uXAdah
Table (for rice in church) lAXALAtug uq’ Xaan’ch’ LAXa’yah
Tablecloth yaanahd tah
Tail k’uguka’
Teacher k’ud k’uliiLga’ginh
Teal tsidl dALXaadL
Teeth (my ~) (si)XuunLAyah
Telephone uqiilAyAq’ k’utsin’dAleh
Ten dAGaaq’
Tendon (Achilles) qees
Tent ts’isaa yahd
Tern (arctic) k’uunch’iyah
Testicles (my~) (si) dlaatsaa
Thank You AwA’ahdah
Thick k’uchahsh
Thighs (my~) (si) Laan’
Thin yaatsidzg
Thirteen dAGaaXk’aad t’uhLga’
Three t’uhLga’
Thumb (my~) (si) yAkuunch’
Thursday qAlahqa'ga' yAsALqahL
Toad ch’iya’tl’G
Today q’aal gah
Toe [big] (my~) (si) qiiyAgaag
Toenails (my~) (si) qiiyAXahtsL
Toes (my~) (si) qiiyiLtl’ishL
Tomcod GaagAleh
Tomorrow yAqeeX
Tongue (my~) (si) la’t’
Toothbrush qaaXuunLAyah uX dAkus
Travel by boat, to ~ [in single boat, of any kind] [verb] qe
Tree lis
Trout dAG lah
Tuesday la'dih yAsALqahL
Tundra dlaawehs
Turnstone (black) duhshk’
Twelve dAGaaXk’aad la’dih
Twenty la’da’X dAGaaq’
Twenty-One la’da’X dAGaaq’ k’aad LinhGih
Two la’dih