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Salmon roe q’Amaa
Salmon, Dog ~ tiitl’
Salmon, Dry smoked ~ GAsu’, gudAsu’ , GAts’
Salmon, Female ~ q’Amaa
Salmon, Humpback ~ giyah sdilahL, kaashk’
Salmon, King ~ te’ya’lee
Salmon, Male ~ qAts’LG
Salmon, Pink ~ giyah sdilahL, kaashk’
Salmon, Red ripe ~ upstream GingaadAG
Salmon, Red ~ cha’ch’
Salmon, Silver ~ AdAte’ya’
Salmon, Very old ~ xaanih
Salmonberry q’a’ts’ya’ la’mahd
Salmonberry Sprouts tl’e’tl’G
Sand chiishg
Sandbar dehj
Sandpiper duhshk’, dziidzii
Saturday ts'iin yAsALqahL
Saw uX k’ushitl’gL
Sawbill iinsdileeL
School qi’ k’ud k’ulAdAga’g
Scissortail k’uunch’iyah
Scrotum (my~) (si) dlaaLtah
Sculpin jaaq’
Sea Urchin Egg iinLk’a’d
Seal (fur) aadaag
Seal (Harbor ~) geeLtaag, keeLtaag
Seaweed (broad ribbon) tiishiyah
Seaweed (red ribbon) iinLxAwah
Seeds (for sowing) yaanu' lAXAdAyaa'
Seven la’dits’iin
Seventeen dAGaaXk’aad la’dits’iin
Shaman xiil
Shark ch’ich’X
She anh
She too aagidig
Sheep dlaaq’Aya’ga’ iit’eh
Shirt q’Alaak’
Shoes siinL
Short yaadik’
Shoulders (my ~) (si)GAla’
Sick, to be ~ [verb] k’ahd, k’a’d
Singer, I'm singing something k’uxtsinh
Sister [male speaking] (my~) (si) yAdkih
Sister [younger sister or brother] (my~) (si) dAGee’
Sister, older [female speaking] (my~) (si) tsa’kih
Sister-in-Law [female speaking] (my~) (si) ch’an’win’inh
Sit, to ~ [verb] [plural] qu
Sit, to ~ [verb] [singular] da
Six ts’iin
Sixteen dAGaaXk’aad ts’iin
Skate ch’inhdG
Skin (my~) (si) tah
Sky yaaq’d
Sled XahdL
Sleep, to ~ [verb] tsu’d, tsuhd
Slush tl’Ajg, lAXALtl’its’g
Smile, to ~ [verb] li’X l-le
Smoke Lanhd
Smokehole k’udAGAts’ee’, ts’iLqa’GAdiiq’d
Snapper, Red ~ dlaach’ee’
Snapper, Red ~ dlaach’ee’
Snipe yaa GAlAGahG
Snipe (long-legged) tAwiis XAdAts’AX
Snow xAtl’
Snowdrift kaast’
Snowshoes dzanhd
Socks sanhAsiinL
Soda-pop, pop (any carbonated drink) guunLAqa’t’g
Son [male speaking] (my ~) (si)sAqeeG
Song tsiiny
Songbirds (small) Gaandich’ich’g
Soon neetl’, neetl’kihga’
Sorry Ayanh
Sparrow Gaantsa’Lk’
Spear gehgL
Spear (fish spear, two-pronged) la’da’X ii’ah
Spear (for bear) tl’ii
Spider (daddy long legs) qiiyALAchanh
Spider (large-bodied) tAGL lAGAXeeL
Spider (small, "not to be harmed") k’udAGAlehkih
Spiderweb qiiyALAchanhya’ dzAwuL
Spine (my~) (si) gulAXAdeeL
Spring xahLch’aad
Spruce lis, AdAlis
Spruce Boughs aaL
Spruce Cones GAsALgaaX
Spruce Pitch, Gum gahG
Spruce Root Geets’
Squirrel tsALk’, dAlduudeh
Staff dAdzahGL
Stairway ga’ts’gL
Stars la’Xts’L
Steamboat dAq’aagdaatl’ AX
Stick (walking) dAdzahGL
Stickleback diiyanh
Sticks dAkinh
Stone tsaa
Story wAXah
Storyteller wAXahch’iya’
Stove uyAq’ k’a’Lq’aag, uyAq’ iq’aagL
Stovepipe Lanhd uyAq’ qa’ ah
Strawberry shug
Suckerfish sa’GAdAts’u’ts’g
Summer xah
Summit, Peak itl’aantl’in’ts’d
Sun GAdAgiL
Sunday sAndii
Sunlight, Daylight, Dawn yAqah
Superhero ist'aanlch'iya'
Swallows Amiinya’ Gaandich’ich’g
Swamp wehs
Swan GAXtl’
Sweatbath deeGu’
Sweathouse qi’ Adk’udAxahL
Swim, to ~ [fish, aquatic animal, individually or in school] [verb] la
Swim, to ~ [human or mammal] [verb] we