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Paddle kAwusgL
Pain, to be in ~ [verb] k’ahd, k’a’d
Pain, to ~ [physically or emotionally] [verb] k’ahd, k’a’d
Painting (face) Adiintl’a’gL
Pan (frying) udAya’X yAX k’uXAdlaadAq’aag, shguulihdAG
Pants dAq’AtaaL
Paper ditl’a’g
Patrol (shore) ditl’a’g
Peach lAXAsdiXu'L
Pear iindzi'X yaalAXAtsidzg
Penis (child's) Anuh
Penis (my~) (si) guch’
Perfume sLa’dah guunLAchanh
Pillow tsi’lahL
Pink qaaniich’AdALgahq’
Pintail guka’dAtsidzg
Pistol xut’LyAquh
Policeman qaa ja’qinh
Pollack q’Adilich’yAquhyuu
Pondweed, Eelgrass, Rush, Widgeon Grass kidz
Poor Me! gehsdah xuu
Poor Thing! gehsdah
Porcupine XaangAdiinyanh
Porpoise qe’xuutl’
Possess, to ~ [verb] da-’-(l-)L-Xa
Pot ts’Ala’, jiiniiwAG, q’Adl
Pot (cooking), Basket uya’X k’udAqa’t’g
Potato gAlduuxaa
Potlach ida’wa’ehdz
Prayer, Crossing Oneself k’uunda’ch’ gah
Preacher k’utl’ ida’Xinhinh
Priest k’u’waLqinhinh
Priest's Helper, Acolyte yAX dAku’dXinh
Prune ulAXALts'Alih k'uuLeh
Puffin diitinh, diintinh