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Lynx Gaajih
Lungs GAdlaaLquh
Love -- I love you ilah qe'xleh
Loon yehs
Long k’u’aaw
Little Bit gusiikih
Little yaakuts’g
Lips (my ~) (si)dAkuhd
Lion (sea~) k’umah
Limpet yahshya’ch’iyahd
Lights (northern~) yaaq’d k’udAq’ah
Light dry snow kihd
Lichens lisdaaq’AGi’siins
Lever jaat’L
Letter ditl’a’g
Lemon lAXAdAdu'k'
Legend tsahgL
Leech daaX dALAts’u’ts’g
Lean-To Lich’aach’ yahd
Laugh, to ~ [verb] li’X l-le
Lantern dide’L
Lamp Chimney k’uLquhXch’L
Lamp (Clamshell~) dide’L
Lamp (Aboriginal) dAXunhyuu dAL’ah
Lamp dide’L
Lake maa
Ladder ga’ts’gL