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Hair [of head] (my ~) (si)shaaw
Halibut lAGtliiX
Hammer tAGL
Hands (my ~) (si)yAq’a’ts’
Hat ch’iyahd
Have, to ~ [verb] da-’-(l-)L-Xa
Hawk dAXunhyuuga’ linLilah
He anh
He too aagidig
Head (my ~) (si)shaaw
Headband weeg
Healer qaa Lyiin’inh
Heart (my ~) (si)’uGL
Hearth qi’ k’udAqa’t’g
Helicopter tleeshXaashiishXaa
Hello [to one person] iishuh
Hello [to several people] lAXiishuh
Hemlock tl’eeyu’
Here [location] aand
Here! [exclamation] lah
Heron, Great blue ~ ts’iintl’GAleh
Herring waaw
Hips (my ~) (si)gunAGAG
Hook, Halibut Hook che’q’L
Hooligan saag
House yahd
House (smoke) LanhdAyAXAyahd
Hummingbird leeL guch’u’
Hunter (good) k’uch’iya’
Hurt, to ~ [verb] k’ahd, k'a'd
Husband (my ~) (si)Xa’ wAX iit’inhinh
Husband (my ~) [used sparingly] (si)qa’
Husband's sister (my ~) (si)qa’lA’ehdG