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Fruit preserves da' lAXAqa'dg
Front (of house) taaya’dLch’aad
Frog ch’iya’tl’G
Friends (my ~) (si)kuwa’naaGAyuu
Friday ch'aan'ih yAsALqahL
Fox, Red ~ nahGAts’ee
Fox, Black ~ xALt’uuch’
Fourteen dAGaaXk’aad qAlahqa’ga’
Four qAlahqa’ga’
Forest (trees) lis
Forehead (my ~) (sii)nch’it’
Food Giyah
Fog q’Ayiiny
Fly, to ~ [verb] [plural] X-'ya
Fly, to ~ [bird or plane] [verb] [singular] d-L-k'a't'
Flower Anaashah
Flounder la’q’ tsidzg
Floor qu’ta’L, k’uuta’L
Flashlight dAGALAde’L, dAGAdAde’L, yAX dALAdeeX, dAdAdeh
Five ch’aan’ih
Fishnet dzAwuL
Fishhook (large) k’aa’shgL
Fish (non-specific type) te’ya’
Firewood La’g
Fire, Domestic ~ quu'e'd
Fire dAq’aag
Fir ts’iints’ih
Fingers (my ~) (si)yALtsAq’sgL
Fingernails (my ~) (si)yAXahdzL
Finger, Ring ~ (my ~) yaa’aagAgAdaalAya’Lch’aad yaa (siXa’)
Finger, Middle ~ (my ~) yaa’aagAgAdaalAya’ (siXa’)
Finger, Little ~ (my ~) (si)yAch’aaLkih
Finger, Index ~ (my ~) (si)yAch’aaL
Fifteen dAGaaXk’aad ch’aan’ih
Few yaaluhdg
Ferment, to ~ [verb] LA-qa’t’, LA-qa’t’-g
Feet (my ~) (si)k’ahsh
Feather t’ahL
Feast (eating) k’uwah
Father-in-Law (my ~) (si)yAtaa’
Father (my ~) (si)taa’
Fall XAlaagLch’aad
Face (my ~) (sii)ndaa’