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Curtain qu’wa’L, qu’dAwa’L, GAdAwa’L
Currants, Low bush ~ ch’eet’Ashiyah
Currants wehX
Cry, to ~ [verb] kiinX
Crowbar jaat’L
Crow ts’AxeeL
Crosspiece ju’k’L
Cross-fox XAsqaak’
Cross kAleest’
Crane duuxLideh, duuLxideh
Cranberry, Low bush ~ qaasa’GAdAtl’Ats’
Cranberry, High bush ~ GAlAgaaX
Cranberry, Bog ~ qihdaaq’ lAXALAyah
Crack k’udAGAts’ee’
Crabs kusdlaaL’ehdg
Crab, King ~ qiiyii’ah
Crab, Dungeness ~ qiiyAdAch’an’k’
Coyote dA’aa AddAkahL
Cottonwood t’AXgsg
Cormorant niik’AdAch’ee’
Cord k’uXehL
Cook, to ~ [verb] ’mahd
Comb tsi’lahL
Cod, Gray ~ q’Adilich’
Cod, Black ~ yAX AdGAdlaaLAxut’X
Cockles sahx
Coat kAnaa’d
Coastguard yiinnwaa
Club Xa’tl’L, Xa’tl’gL
Clouds q’ahs
Clothes (my ~) (si)la’q’Aya’
Clams, Razor ~ jiidaadAG, uniik’ Awaa qa’ qiisid
Church udAt’aaXd k’uunda’ch’gah idAleh, k’uunda’ch’ gah yahd
Chisel uX k’udza’tl’gL
Chin (my ~) (si)xiiya’X
Chimney Lanhd uyAq’ qa’ ah
Children sAqeeGAyuu
Child [female speaking] (my ~) (si)yahsh
Child sAqeets’Akih
Chief k’ulAX iit’inhinh
Chickadee listsin’da’ qAXa’yah
Chest (my ~) (si)sheek’
Cherry ulAXALts'Alih k'uuLeh
Cheeks (my ~) (si)lAquhL
Chair uq’ isda’L
Cauldron laasA’ah
Cat duush
Carrot t'eeG daaX XAlAXAdah
Caribou XAyaanih, GAyaanih
Car XahdL
Canoe AXAkih
Cannery yahddA’aaw
Canned berries da' lAXAqa'dg
Cane dAdzahGL
Candy sa’ lAXAdA’ah, shaaXAlAGga’ lAXALAgAmih
Camp robber ich’u’ch’iya’
Calf (my ~) (si)k’ushdAq’u’
Cabin, Log ~ Leesk’Ayahd