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Babies sAqeeGAyuu
Baby sAqeets’Akih
Backpack XehL
Bad k’ushiyah
Badly k’ushaadah
Bake, to ~ [verb] ’mahd
Barnacle ts’uux
Bass, Black ~ qaanch’ AdGAdlaaLAxut’g
Bat tl’Aqa’gudAlah ch’AX
Beads kAwuud
Beak (its ~) (u)niik’
Bear, Black ~ ts’iyuh
Bear, Brown ~ lixah
Beaver k’uXaashg
Bed qi’GA’e’d
Bed sheet yaanahd tah
Bedroom yaali’d
Bedspread yaanahd tah
Bee qaa’iintl’in’d
Bell dAGahjg
Bell, small ~ lAXAdAGahjg
Belt taasGALah
Berry la'mahd
Bible uq’Ach’ahd ida’dAXah
Birch dAGLA’eh
Birth (I was born) siX k’usALe’L
Birth (she gave birth) sdiyahshLinh
Black dALt’uuch’ga’ iit’eh
Blackfish GaanihG
Blanket Gu’L
Blowflies ch’isht’
Blue, dark ~ cha’tl’ga’ iit’eh
Blueberry cha’tl’
Bluejay q’ee’shk’, kushk’
Boat AX, ya’XAkih, yahdAya’da’X
Body (my ~) (si)Ge’t’
Bog wehs
Boil, to ~ [verb] LA-qa’t’, LA-qa’t’-g
Book ditl’a’g
Boots giyahgulAXa’ yaa
Boughs, Willow ~ uX Adk’udAwa’ts’
Bow qu’LXaad
Box Le’t’
Boy Lilaa’kih, LAnii’kih
Bracelet Ge’q’, Ge’q’L
Brant liglig
Brother [female speaking] (my ~) (sii)ndzkih
Brother [older brother - male speaking] (my ~) (si)XAwAX
Brother [younger brother or sister] (my ~) (si)dAGee’
Brother-in-Law [male speaking] (my ~) (si)ch’an’win’inh
Brown ch’e’ga’ iit’eh
Bruise cha’tl’ga’ iit’eh
Bugs XuhX
Bulb, Light ~ k’uLe’xtl’ga’ iit’eh dide’L
Bullhead jaaq’
Burbot la’q’